Friday, September 15, 2006

The process of the cat toys

I drew the first rotation on the back of a Gatorade label when I first got my idea for this project. I drew it because at that time I felt like drawing and I was thinking about my business. I had recently drawn a butterfly life cycle poster at school and so I got the idea from that. This is the final copy of it that I drew on paper.

First on the rotation is the soft star shoes building where I get the leather from for free - I get scraps there.

Then next there's a picture of a cat toy.

I sell the cat toys so that I can use the money, not for myself, but for buying goats for the kids in Sudan.

We're going to make the sad little girl there, after the goat, happy by giving her goats.

I think about what if I I was one of those kids in Sudan, then I would be starving and I wouldn't be happy at all, but when I got goats I would be all happy. So I make that happen for the other kids.