Friday, September 29, 2006

Thank You Party

Yesterday I had a party to thank people who helped me with my cat toy business. Not everybody could come, but I saved those people cake.

I designed a game and what you do is you take the tail and you try and tape it onto the cat toy, which is the purple round thing on the tree. (There's another game that isn't in any of the pictures. It's a little-kid game. I made an old man that was very very very old, and he lost his beard, so you need to give him back his beard by pinning it on his chin.) This is my friend Malia with the blindfold on, next to my friend Meaghan. At first Meaghan spun Malia around and Malia headed off into the fence, but then she went figured that she had to be walking into the fence so then she went back and then got it right.

I made the cake look like a Playful Pancake. The top is chocolate and the bottom (tail) is vanilla.

Here I am cutting the cake, with my friend Malia watching.

And here are some of the grown-ups eating - Larkin, Jay (holding Kahlil), Dave (holding Ian), Tricia, Leah (you can only see a little bit of her) and Tim. It was a BBQ.