Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Perfect Gift for Cat Lovers, that Helps Kids in Sudan!

If you are looking for a good gift, here’s where you’ll find it: Playful Pancakes – Buy a Cat Toy, Save a Life.
Playful Pancakes are cat toys hand made by kids out of leather scraps that were going to be thrown away. Each one costs $21 which is donated to Kids for Kids to buy one goat for starving kids in Sudan.
I’ve raised enough so far to buy over 100 goats, and now my goal is 3000 so please help.
You can buy a Playful Pancake from here or go to Soft Star Shoes website or to their store on 2nd Street in Corvallis to buy them.
Please tell a lot of people about this really good gift idea.
This is a really good idea for someone who you can't figure out what to get them!