Sunday, January 21, 2007

What Patricia Parker Said

Patricia Parker gave a speech at the Christmas Concert in London and said some important things.

First she said that instead of just standing here and watching all the terrible things happen in Sudan, you should tell someone in the government to tell the President to use some of our country's power to stop the terrible things.

Also she said tell your friends about Kids for Kids! And try to tell newspaper people to write about it.

Then Patricia told everyone good news. Things Kids for Kids did last year with the about $500,000 raised, and here are some of them.

trained midwives, veterinarians and health care people

vaccinated 5,317 goats to keep them healthy

21 villages have donkey ambulances, 10 donkey ploughs, a rope, spade, pickaxes, hoes, and seeds

two tree nursuries and a boabab project with 300,000 seedlings

putting in 30 water handpumps

blackboards and schoolbooks

573 families have a new donkey

650 billies and 3,610 nanny goats for families