Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Auction

Last night was a fundraiser for Philomath Montessori School. They had a silent auction and then a live auction. At the live auction I had given them a Playful Pancake to sell and the auctioneer sold it right away. So then he said "who else wants to buy one of these and help kids in sudan and help the philomath Montessori school?" And people kept saying "me, me, me" and so 10 of them were sold. So half of the money will go to buy 5 goats for kids in Sudan and the other half will go to the school.

It is good to help raise money for that school. I really like it - the teachers Doni, Pauline and Leslie are nice. I don't go there any more because I am too old. Now I go to Corvallis Montessori because they have elementary but Philomath Montessor just has primary. Now my little brother Jack goes there.

That school is important to the Kids for Kids project because it's the reason I picked Sudan for a place to help people. I was still going to Philomath Montessori when I learned that people around the world had bad lifes and Sudan was one of the places. I had just done the Africa map at school and when I heard Sudan as a place where I could help people, I said "Hey, I know where Sudan is - it's in Africa." So I chose to help kids in Sudan. And at group time I told everyone about the bad things in Sudan and Doni and Pauline were the first ones to give some money to help. I wanted to send money to help because my mom wouldn't let me fly over there.