Monday, April 02, 2007

Welcome to Oregon Patricia and Alastair!

This is the welcome to Oregon sign and my dad did something silly - he changed it in photoshop.

There's going to be a big play that I'm putting on called The Millionaire Miser. So far Leo, Meaghan, Morgan, Caelin, me, and Jack are going to be in it. It's going to be in the beginning of June.

The play is going to be part of a bigger thing which is a benefit show for Kids for Kids that is for Patricia Parker being here in Oregon! Some grownups are helping plan the benefit concert, like Julie and Beth and my dad.

Patricia is coming here all the way from England to visit me and my friends and to tell lots of people in the United States about Kids for Kids and the poor children in Sudan. Patricia is in charge of Kids for Kids and she has been to Sudan. Alastair is coming too - he is one of Kids for Kids' big helpers and he has been to Sudan too.

I hope when Patricia comes here she feels welcome and that people don't ignore what she says about the kids in Darfur. She will be here from May 29 - June 3. If you want her to come talk to your school or something you can email me at and I will tell her.

She will also be in California going down the coast, so if you live there, and you want her to visit your school or group you can also email about that.